DOAP Viewer Extension

This page is the project page for the DOAP-Viewer Mozilla extension. This extension provides a visual indication of whether a page contains information about a project in the DOAP format. It is currently using an icon created by stork, and distributed over IRC. It is currently in testing, and all aspects are subject to change.

Current version is .4. New in .4 is support for FireFox Version 1.0.

New in .3:


This code was created using code borrowed from Joel De Gan, in addition to a hack of the DOAP Bookmarklet which is based off the bookmarklet for the FOAF explorer.

Any bugs can be reported to Christopher Schmidt.

To install, click the install link below, restart Firefox, and visit this page. The icon should light up. It has been tested in

If you have tested this in another version of Mozilla or Firefox, please let me know.

I have had reports that it doesn't work in:

Install extension

For more information on the DOAP Project, see the homepage, or join the mailing list.