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Tenth Wedding Anniversary: Nantucket Island

Celebrating my tenth wedding annivesary on Nantucket Island with my lovely wife. June 18th, 2017

What Makes a Nerd? Passion.

A nerd is passionate. Whether it’s about drones, or computers, or geology or sewing; whether it’s about family history or library science or chemistry: passion is what makes the difference. Whether you’re in third grade or 30 years old: Find your passion. Find your way to be a nerd.
Read more on the blog. May 19, 2017

Mavic Pro: First Flight

First flight with my DJI Mavic Pro. May 17, 2017

Hawk Attack

Hawk attack in Cambridge, MA. Oct 8, 2014

Blog Post: Response to FAA Policy Document

Response to FAA policy document, a blog post detailing my response to their stated new policies around UAV prosecution.
This entire policy is based on a mistaken notion that the “the FAA has considered model aircraft to be aircraft that fall within the statutory and regulatory definitions of an aircraft”; the definition that the FAA uses ... is so broad as to describe everything from a commercial jetliner to a paper airplane
June 25th, 2014

On Technology

Blog Post: Is that a Drone?

... Of course, with any new technology, there are a set of FAQs that you should expect. The Quad is no exception.
Information about my quadcopter, including an FAQ. Includes answers to the most common questions I get; these later got turned into a business card I printed for myself to bring with when I go flying. Apr 24th, 2014