Mapserver Will Eat My Brain

Set up mapserver for an interested web-hostee over the weekend. (If you’re interested in hosting a domain with mapserver available, please contact me. Barring extra needs, cost will probably be $10/month.) He set up a WMS+Shapefile layer to demonstrate the power of mapserver for me: this is now available at massradar. Radar imagery is provided via an Iowa State WMS Server, which also has data for the Entire country. Now I really want to set up Google Maps with a radar layer.

One Response to “Mapserver Will Eat My Brain”

  1. David Says:

    Always happy to facilitate some cerebrophagy(?)

    For combining WMS and Google Maps, take a look at Brian Flood’s blog entry.

    There are a lot of comments at the bottom documenting the evolution of efforts on combining WMS and Google Maps.

    Some good examples at Just van den Broecke’s Geoskating

    Quite a bit in Kyle Mulka’s Blog as well:

    I haven’t tried it…yet……