Grass Hacking

Working with Schuyler on hacking my cell/gps data — got it displayed on top of tiger/line data (At which point I said to schuyler, “Okay, so now we’ve got an extremely crappy version of what I already have with Google Maps. What’s next?”) Next step is to work on a voronoi translation of some kind to make centroids out of the data and see what that does.

In the process, have discovered that appears to be completely broken in openosx grass.

We have also discovered that can produce really pretty pictures… but on OS X, it gives something more like:

GRASS 6.0.0 (bostonlatlong):~/cell > in=cell out=cell\_idw col=cid npoints=1
8468 records selected from table
3538 points loaded
Interpolating raster map <cell_idw> … 247 rows … Segmentation fault

Hooray for segfaults, eh?

Cell Map

However, Grass is still really fucking cool.

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