Geomancers Meeting

I’m not busy, and have some interesting stuff to talk about this Friday, so I’ll be leading a meeting of the Geomancers Geo Interest group this Friday, May 5th, from 5pm-7pm at the Muddy Charles Pub, located just inside 142 Memorial Drive in Cambridge.

This time, I’ll try to actually be on time 🙂

Some things I’m interested in showing off:

* A web map of Boston put together from MassGIS sources
* Some work done on Openstreetmap map data to create a usable web mapping service out of the monthly data exports
* Talking about what I’ll be presenting at Where 2.0
* A demo of on my cell phone

Anyone is welcome to come by: Bring laptops, and you can get online via MIT’s network, bring cash (no cards!) and you can grab a drink — beer or soda.

I’ll try and grab us two tables, since last time we kind of overflowed the one we had.

(Note that I’m perfectly happy to have other people arrange these meetings: depending solely on me as admin contact is probably flakey at best. I still haven’t heard what time is best for other people, so until I do I’m just going to send ou t these emails when I have nifty things to show off and time to show them off in.)

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