OpenStreetMap Pledge

If someone sets up a way for me to obtain, nightly, the worldwide output of the getnodes function for the whole world, and the corresponding getlines call from those returned nodes (as described in the file dao.rb), before the 10th of June, I will donate $200 towards the OpenStreetMap project.

I will also, from this data, set up a rendered version of OpenStreetMap, in a tiled instance of OpenLayers, on hardware that can support a lot of traffic, and build code that will convert this data into a shapefile every night, to be used by whatever projects people want to use them for, releasing the shapefile under the same license as OSM.

Anselm Hook has offered to match that contribution.

Anyone else who is in, please comment here, and I will communicate it to the OpenStreetMap developers.

3 Responses to “OpenStreetMap Pledge”

  1. Schuyler Erle Says:

    I already donated ~$90 this year. 🙂 But I’ll donate another $110 to match Chris and Andy’s pledges.

  2. Rickm Says:

    I’m a student so I can’t offer loads, but I’ll put in $40

  3. Saul Albert Says:

    I’ll match the pledge