Where 2.0 Wired Writeup

Thanks to Annalee Newitz, who was great to talk to, and put together an awesome overview of the technologies that I found the coolest at Where 2.0,in the Where 2.0 Wired Roundup. Note that one of those technologies was mine, as was another — GSMLoc, which my session was on, and OpenLayers, which is one of my tasks at MetaCarta.

Thanks Annalee, and to all the people at the Where 2.0 conference who were showing off cool shit. It was definitely a great conference to be at.

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  1. g-WH!Z Says:


    There was Mapquest. Then there were others like Mapquest. Then there was Google Maps and Google Earth. Then there were others like that. Now, Cristopher Schmidt and Platial are doing some mighty cool things, I have to admit. And, while I’ve long …