WorldWind Tile Caching

I implemented WorldWind Tile Caching in OpenLayers tonight.

From the WorldWind docs:

“World Wind uses what is defined as “Level Zero Tile Size” to determine how
large (in decimal degrees) each tile is in width and height (all tiles are square). A
standardized level zero tile size is under consideration but is not yet implemented, but it
must divide into 180 evenly.”

ARGHIEHTIHA. Do you understand how much more difficult you just made my life? :p Essentially, given two WorldWind layers, unless the Level Zero Tile Size of each layer either 1. matches or 2. is altered by a factor of an exponent of 2 (2, 4, 8, 16), there’s no way in OpenLayers to use them on the same map.

And there’s no standard. So I’ve got half a dozen really cool WorldWind Tile Layers, and I can’t put them together, because they each need their own map resolution.

Granted, at some point in the near future OpenLayers will need to change its resolution depending on the active layer, but we’re not there yet, and even once we are, that will destroy a lot of the cool features that you can see when swapping quickly a layer on and off and being able to compare the images right on top of each other.

Still, WorldWind is now working in OpenLayers.

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