Mapping the World

Lately, I’ve been spending my blog-post writing time on learning tips and tricks related to cartographic and geographic mapping.

The Boston Free Map is now operating under a new, more familiar looking style. It also sports the ability to click on roads and see information about them.

The CIA World Factbook in Map Form is another click-to-query map, based on the public domain CIA World Factbook.

The New York City Map is not cartographically impressive, but offers hydro, openspace, parks and road centerlines in a nice interface. No query features.

The July OpenStreetMap dump is a Mercator-projected satellite background, plus a click-to query + Edit interface linking directly to OSM data. I’m going to be working with the OpenStreetMap project to make this their default homepage — using ka-Map and Mapserver against daily generated shapefiles rather than pulling from the live database for all data.

In all of this, ka-Map has become a very useful tool to me, so thanks to Paul Spencer and DM Solutions for his work on that.

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