International Calling

So, calling T-Mobile via Skype is an excercise in futility. After 7 calls, I did eventually get their voice prompting system to not immediately kick me out, and got through to a representative, but man, what a pain in the ass.

However, that does mean that international calling should be set up on my phone in the relatively near future. Not that I’ll use it for anything… but I can cellstumble with it 🙂

They also apologized for not setting it up when I called to ask about rates.

All in all, once you get to talk to a person, calling T-Mobile has been a very successful experience for me.

Data rates here are 1.5 cents/kb — that’s not nearly as bad as I would have expected, although it’s too expensive to make it generally useful. (If only the web weren’t so laden with heavy bandwidth crap. I blame DSL.)

One Response to “International Calling”

  1. BoggyB Says:

    Seconded. During my first year of university, my connection to the world as we know it was a 48.8kbps dialup link. I spent a fair amount of time playing the likes of Unreal Tournament (the original version), Ricochet and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 over it, and whenever I actually wanted to download something I wandered over to the nearest wireless connection with the laptop. I also was very impressed by RealPlayer – if nothing else, they know how to write a low-bandwidth streaming codec.

    (BTW, your comment box is broken under IE6/Win2k (it extends right over the archive list and continues off the edge of the window by about 3 chars).