OpenLayers Presentation

As I’ve so often found at conferences, I didn’t have enough time to write what I wanted, and now I’ve got all the time in the world to write it, and much less to write about, since nothing is happening.

The OpenLayers presentation was extremely well received. I did a survey of morning presenters, and OpenLayers was by far the best attended: We had about as many attendees as the other 6 sessions in the 8:30 slot put together. We had about 75 persons attending in total, and after our presentation, the room cleared out, which says to me that OpenLayers specifically was the draw for people. It’s good to know that the topic that we came here to present is a popular one.

Sadly, due to the early morning slot, no video of the presentation was made. This is especially unfortunate because there were so many people who were interested in the presentation, but unable to come. However, the slides for the presentation are available online (OpenOffice Impress), and the slides basically walk you through the presentation well. It was essentially a tutorial on doing a number of things with OpenLayers — adding WMS and commerial layers to a map, adding markers, adding popups, etc. I think we probably showed a lot of people just how easy it can be to create an OpenLayers map or application.

I want to thank anyone out there who attended the presentation, as well as MetaCarta for sending Schuyler and I over to this great conference.

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