Yahoo! Pipes: Make your own Module?

Is it possible to make your own module with Yahoo! Pipes? I was looking around and didn’t see anything… I’d really like to be able to hook up something that grabs locations from the MetaCarta Web Services, and then let people drop it into their own pipelines… I’d be willing to bet that the Location Extractor pipe module wouldn’t pull out “20 miles north of London”, but with the MetaCarta GeoTagger, I could…

3 Responses to “Yahoo! Pipes: Make your own Module?”

  1. Mikel Says:

    If you can have the Web Service output RSS, then you could hook it in with the “Fetch” source

  2. crschmidt Says:

    Which defeats the whole purpose of Pipes. If I can output GeoRSS from a different location, why would I use Yahoo! Pipes?

    No one used the RSS to GeoRSS service we used to offer, so I don’t have any reason to think that would change now if we offered it again. Of course, anyone who disagrees can build their own: the API is available.

  3. Mikel Says:

    But maybe you don’t get it .. cause it’s about chaining together many sources and services, not just duplicating a single service.

    Seems like the Geonames RSS2GeoRSS service gets a lot of use, so maybe that’s why yours didn’t get any pickup.