A number of people have expressed interest in my posting some of my more technical ramblings as a seperate resource to the oftentimes personal weblog I’ve used in the past, my LiveJournal. Because I’ve always been one to aim to please, I have decided that I will seperate my more personal postings from my technical ones, although not because I mind people reading my personal life, but more because I want to ensure that people can read what they want and not feel discouraged, as well as ensuring that I can post in specific places and have people read it only if they want to.

Of course, this entire problem could be alleviated if LiveJournal ever got a decent categories system in place, under which people could subscribe or filter to certain categories, however, I do not think that this is a very likely occurance.

LiveJournal has long been my “home” on the web. It offers a number of features that I don’t understand the lack of in other tools: for example, the emails for comments act much like any other mailing list which takes place through email, something that I’ve never seen another blogging system do. However, as the author of this weblog, this is less likely to be an issue: there will probably be few “threads” back and forth, and even if there are, I will receive information on all the comments being left.

Perhaps one thing to do with this new blog is to make communication be a bit more like a mailing list; email subscriptions to posts, so that when they’re updated or a comment is left, people can tell.

I’ve chosen a relatively odd permalink structure for this weblog. In part, this is to prove that it can be done: Many people do not realize that WordPress offers the ability to completely change what your permalink structure is like. In part, it’s simply to shorten post URIs: with only %postid% and %posttitle%, I’m keeping it simple, but still unique from both the %postid% perspective, and informative to the human who may be dereferencing the URL manually.

Expect me to add categories, links, plugins, and possibly change the style over the next few days. If anything I change is something that you feel makes this weblog less usable, please let me know.

The weblog that I was using previously will continue to be available, although I will no longer update it. From now on, posts go to LiveJournal or to here, depending on their nature.

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