Telling Stories Via Maps

screenshot of OpenLayers-based story MapWent out for a late night walk tonight: though my path was a bit unclear, I think I made a decently accurate map:

Walking around MIT

If you hover over the circles, you’ll see points of interest along the route. I recommend zooming into the main MIT building, to see the confused meandering I was forced to.

This demo uses OpenLayers, TileCache, and FeatureServer. It was created entirely via a web interface.

6 Responses to “Telling Stories Via Maps”

  1. BoggyB Says:

    It doesn’t quite work under IE6. Everything appears to show up, and hovering over the circles works, but the path doesn’t stay lined up with the actual map (at my default window size half of it is in the middle of the river, and if I maximise the window to 1280×960 then the path stays static relative to the window, but the map moves and resizies underneath it).

  2. crschmidt Says:


    If the only problem was when resizing the map, it was a known issue that was fixed in OpenLayers. I’ve just updated the map to use the latest OpenLayers (the GeoJSON stuff I used to make it isn’t in there yet, so I couldn’t earlier), and it works much better when resizing the window for me in FF.

    I’ll check it in IE when I get to work, but I think it should work better, even if not perfect, now.

  3. Andrew Says:

    No circle markers and no route polylines show up. Can only pan and zoom around background image of MIT area. Using IE6, XP sp2.

  4. crschmidt Says:

    Indeed! you hit me while I was working on adding some functionality 🙂
    Fixed now!

  5. ominiverdi Says:

    I guess you know: problems in Safari. No route shown, no message of unsupported vectorial drawing shown, no mouse navigation working.

  6. Darren Cope Says:

    Being new to OpenLayers, FeatureServer, etc. (but seeing a nice application for it) I’m curious how you created this map entirely via a web interface. Can you elaborate on that for those that may be interested?