Google Developer Day: Gears

At the Google Developer Day. Sitting in the Google Gears session: it’s pretty frickin cool. I just created an OpenLayers Map, wrote 15 lines of code, and that page will now load, even when I’m online.

Other things it does:

  • WorkerPool — run code in the background in your browser. Demoing finding prime quadruplets: user interface continues to be responsive — can run multiples at the same time, and user experience is not bad. (Oh man, how I wish this were  built in by default.)
  • Storage — local storage in a sqlite database, including full text search: millions of documents, working on fts3, which will be 10s of millions.
  • Local server — caches data for offline use. 

There are tons of limitations — very early release — but it’s available for Firefox and IE, and can be built for Safari.

2 Responses to “Google Developer Day: Gears”

  1. Ian Turton Says:

    Surely you mean OFF line? but post more details, example code share the knowledge for those of us stuck on the right side of the country please.


  2. crschmidt Says:

    The documentation and presentation are all online — start at . Sharing my code is going to be far less helpful than just reading the docs and examples yourself.