The story of a procession…

Maps tell stories. They tell all sorts of stories, but one of the stories that they tell the best are processions: series of photos taken over a wide area over a period of time, but with the same principle actors.

The most important procession to me right now is the one that I’ve been working up to for four years, as of tomorrow. At the church shown (using the Boston Freemap TileCache, FeatureServer for feature translation from the Flickr API, and OpenLayers, of course, as the map interface) on the map I put together, I’ll be getting married tomorrow to the lovely Jessica Allan.

From Chicago to Champaign-Urbana to Manchester, NH to Cambridge, MA, with more late nights and late flights than I care to remember, more love and devotion than I can describe, and more acceptance of my tendencies to show utter obsession with anything I’m doing than I could possibly have expected, my relationship with Jess has flourished, and I couldn’t be happier to be tying the knot tomorrow.

Okay, so the relation this has to mapping or technical ramblings is tentative at best, but I still think it’s cool. 🙂

5 Responses to “The story of a procession…”

  1. Sean B. Palmer Says:

    Christopher and Jessica sitting in a tree, m-a-r-r-y-i-n-g. Congratulations! Hope all goes well on the big day, and for the years to follow. Nice application of the mapping software… though perhaps the map is more like an application of the marriage. Man, the Web 2.0 age is confusing. Anyway, go-go-gadget whoo!

  2. Darren Cope Says:

    Congrats Christoper and Jessica! Enjoy your big day–I’d better not see any postings to OpenLayers-Users for a while!

  3. Alan Glennon Says:


    I have been working with OpenLayers and your “Lab on a Stick” since WhereCamp. Great stuff. I completely forgot that you were about to get married…

    Congratulations on the upcoming wedding!


  4. T Says:

    First congrats on your marriage. I was one of the family members who owned E-taliano’s in Boston I noticed you had a nice comment online about us and just wanted to say thanks and we all miss our E-taliano’s location. We miss all of our great customers that we grew close to over our ten year run.

  5. Taral Says:

    I want to take highway RED.