Wedding Complete, Other Geohacks

I just wanted to thank all the well-wishers in comments on my previous post about the upcoming wedding. For some reason, I hadn’t actually gotten the comment notifications — or I just deleted them as noise — and so I’ve just gone back and approved the 5 comments I got. (And to Taral: the ‘highway’ called RED is actually the Red Line — a subway line. This is a case where local knowledge is assumed. :))

The week post wedding has been relatively peaceful, though our last wedding guests didn’t leave until Thursday, so we’re finally getting a bit of alone time this weekend. Bio-dad has the kids, so I plan to spend the weekend chilling out.

If you haven’t seen FlickrBrowse recently, you might want to check it out: It’s now using the new world wrapping support in OpenLayers, which is kind of nifty. I also added Twittervision support to FeatureServer a couple days ago — not the most useful thing in the world, since the only query type is ‘current location for $username’, but it was almost too easy *not* to do it: the code is only 12 lines.

One Response to “Wedding Complete, Other Geohacks”

  1. wedding portrait from photo Says:

    I checked out your latest Flicker Photos with that first rate wrapping layer. I’m afraid they don’t work well via FF browser; or am I just having a low-tech PC.