Honeymoon Time

As of 5PM today, I will be unavailable on the web until July 9th. I’m going on a honeymoon, and I’m leaving my computer offline for the entire trip. (Yes, I am a workaholic. Heck, I committed to OpenLayers less than 2 hours before my wedding.) So, although I will be at home slightly more than that, you should not expect to hear from me until July 9th. If you have something that requires my urgent attention, please get it to me today 🙂

My actual honeymoon will include a stay at the Mount Washington Hotel, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Not to pat myself on the back too much, but I think I’ve earned it 🙂

Don’t break anything while I’m gone!

2 Responses to “Honeymoon Time”

  1. KoS Says:

    Welcome aboard to the ball-n-chain club!! 🙂


  2. Bill McGonigle Says:

    Enjoy the fireworks! Over the Mt. Washington hotel, I mean, of course.