FOSS4G2007: Two Presentations

Just got notice that I’ll be giving two presentations at FOSS4G 2007:

FeatureServer: A REST-based Server for Simple Features
With the number of tools for creating vector data online growing rapidly over the past year, users have spent more and more of their time creating annotations of existing maps. Unfortunately, managing this user generated data in a web browser can be difficult: the existing tools for storing geographic data on the server are largely based around the WFS-T specification, which is not the most conducive to the browser environment. FeatureServer provides an alternative mechanism for fetching and storing geographic data, using a REST-based interface that is friendly to browsers and other clients alike.

And with Howard Butler:

The Gift Economy Ain’t Free: Getting Help with Open Source Software
Have you ever been told to RTFM? STFW? Sent an email to a project’s maillist that languished for days without a response? This talk will give you ammo that you can use to bust out of the rut of frustration and non-response.


2 Responses to “FOSS4G2007: Two Presentations”

  1. jana Says:

    Congrats!! I don’t really get the first one, but the second one sounds awesome. (I’m running into problems with Second Life right now. grr.)

  2. Ted Roche Says:

    Awesome! Congrats, Chris! If you’re looking for a place to practice sessions, Don’t forget the LUGs and SIGs. We’re always eager for new materials. And I learned when I was speaking at conferences that a presentation always comes off better the 2nd and 3rd and fourth times. LUGs are great places to do the “beta” session.