Searching Spatial References

So, I’ve just made some updates to

With this, I think I have removed my need to ever have to touch /usr/share/proj/epsg again. The reasons I touched it in the past were usually to search based on title or to add a new projection. Once the new GDAL/OSR is out and installed where I need it, I will be able to use as references rather than needing to edit proj/epsg to add my own.

Also, for the record, I love Django. This has been the easiest web coding of my life. I spent yesterday porting a half-baked app that was spread over 4 different SVN directories into one Django app. Took me a day, but now instead of a bunch of half-baked stuff that can only be put together by me, I can actually hand the code to someone else and have them run it. (It’s still a bit hard to get up and running on some platforms, because it depends on PostGIS, Python bindings for Postgres, MapScript, OGR, and GDAL. Which are non-trivial on non-Linux platforms.)

It’s great. Thanks to hobu for getting me started with it.

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  1. Martin Says: is very helpful to me! Just added custom regional projections. Do you think you can add insert statements for the geotools epsg hsql database, too (