Conference Time a-comin

FOSS4G Conference is all this week, and I’ll be posting a ton of stuff as it happens in an effort to keep people not at the conference as in the loop as possible.

This means that if you don’t care about Geo, it might be a good time to drop me out of your feedreader temporarily 🙂

Flying all day tomorrow, so expect to hear more from me late tomorrow night.

(Anything fun to do with a 3 hour layover at Seatac?)

One Response to “Conference Time a-comin”

  1. glenn Says:

    3 hours in SeaTac.. man, go look around the shops and eating area.. its awesome.. and make sure you get some Ivar’s Chowder while grabbing some lunch!

    When in Victoria, check out Swan’s Pub, the Sticky Wicket, and have lunch at Pagliacci’s if you can… enjoy… PS… try to ignore all the beggars bumming change on the streets and you’ll have a nice time in Victoria!