OpenLayers: CA Wildfires Map

San Diego Wildfires 2007

Lots of different data here:

  • Landsat7: i-Cubed processed landsat7 WMS hosted by Telascience.
  • USGS Urban Orthos, hosted by Telascience.
  • 2006 DigitalGlobe imagery of the area, hosted by Telascience — built last night specifically for this project
  • MODIS fire map (last 7 days), hosted by Telascience, put together by Martin Spott
  • OpenStreetMap Hybrid tiles built by me and hosted by TelaScience
  • Destroyed houses: WFS served by FeatureServer, initial population from KML file
  • 2 KML files, from Google MyMaps: KPBS and LA Times
  • Geotagged Photos tagged ‘wildfires’ from Flickr, converted to WFS by FeatureServer.

3 Responses to “OpenLayers: CA Wildfires Map”

  1. Ian Turton Says:

    can you expand on how you are doing the geotagged photos out of Flickr?

  2. Andres Says:

    This is excellent. I attempted something similar, but this is more comprehensive.



  3. ian Says:

    very nice