eeepc arrived

Got my EeePC. It’s so tiny! I love it already; I haven’t even pulled out the macbook tonight. (I’m sure this won’t keep up forever, since there are some things I really can’t do on a screen this small.) I did some playing with OpenStreetMap editing with Potlatch (painful, but not horribly so), figured out how to get a terminal up and running (ctrl-alt-t; handy), got subversion installed after setting up some extra repositories based on instructions in the eeeuser wiki, etc.

I will want to see if I can start building some tools targeted at the small screen resolution in OpenLayers or what have you, so that I can edit maps more effectively, and do other things like hook up GPS traces. I’m leaning more and more towards building myself some nice custom UIs for editing OSM, just to figure out how to do things that work well on my hacky platforms.

I have no plans (for the time being) to switch away from the ‘friendly’ interface, which seems (to me) to work just peachy keen. I am happy with my decision: even if I only use this thing intermittently from today forward, it’s a worthwhile and nifty toy to have, and I’m liking it a lot.

2 Responses to “eeepc arrived”

  1. Gary Says:

    Can I have your macbook?

  2. Richard Fairhurst Says:

    I’m most of the way through making Potlatch resize itself to the browser window dimensions (rather than the current fixed 700×600) – hopefully some time next week.