Cool Processing Stuff

Notes about Processing, from, and other related things.

“Drawing images is not about telling which pixels to turn on or off, it’s about telling to draw lines.”

In addition to processing being pretty, you can draw the entire map into any unit you want. Drew a bunch of lines out in state plane projected unit system, and then cropped image.

Drawing all of the streets in King County plus all of transit lines

4d expansion of transit data — time out of the map on photo

Processing is great at generating static images; looping over a dataset and drawing lines is what processing is for.

Demoing a bunch of demos of processing from Tom Carden; cabspotting, travel time tube map, etc. etc.

Processing.js: Processing in JS, by John Resig. Uses “Processing.js is like developing Processing on a 400mhz celeron”

Source code to London Tube Map is available; Processing makes source code available by default, Google for “powered by processing” for examples.

Stamen typically does Prototype in Processing, final client in Flash.

Processing is Java; it should be possible to pull in Java libraries; can import .jar files, can drag in data (images, etc.); loading data is a one liner.

NodeBox: “Processing in Python” Processing.js GUI.

Same processing source code in browser and applet using Processing.js

Context Free Art: here

The default mode of processing is:
* Setup
* Draw function that’s called as much as possible

Going to publish cabspotting example to wherecamp wiki

Brandon demos OpenStreetMap data rendered on the fly with processing data.

NodeBox demo using a springgraph. Proxmiity fixes of local bluetooth data.

Processing is 4-5 years old now

Collaboration is typically “Copy an example, create your own, keep going”

2 Responses to “Cool Processing Stuff”

  1. Tom Carden Says:

    Thanks for taking notes!

    Built with Processing is the thing to search for.

  2. Mike Chelen Says:

    RE: “Processing.js is like developing Processing on a 400mhz celeron”
    Both versions can perform well, depending on the methods used by the visualization.