DjangoGraphviz: Visualizing Django Models

Earlier today, a coworker was trying to work out a diagram for the models in the Django app that I’ve been working on internally, to visualize the relationships between them. I did a quick Google, and found a reference to DjangoGraphviz, a super-handy little chunk of code.

DjangoGraphviz did exactly what I needed it to, with no problems at all. (My only complaint is that it requires the DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE to be defined in order to get the –help output, somewhat unintuitive.) The software quickly generated a .dot file which I was able to turn into a lovely PDF, and print. I’ve now got a copy on the desk of each of the developers using the codebase, and I think it’ll prove a lovely piece of reference.

So, if you want a quick visualization of your Django models, and you can install graphviz, I highly recommend DjangoGraphviz to do it.

(Note that the wiki page itself recommends a couple other things more ‘built in’ to Django, which are new to me: I didn’t try these, I just stuck with DjangoGraphviz, which did what I wanted.)

One Response to “DjangoGraphviz: Visualizing Django Models”

  1. brentp Says:

    good find! i’ve just used this to non-programmers how things will be structured–they liked it better then reading