Selenium IDE: getCurrentWindow() problems

After the past 4 hours of fighting with this, I figured it was worth me posting.

I’ve recently started using Selenium IDE in some testing. I had found that I was unable to access what seemed like perfectly normal Javascript variables, despite every other tutorial on the web that i could read indicating that it should be possible.

After a lot of messing around, I finally searched the OpenQA forum (which is apparently not adequately indexed by Google, since I did search on Google a number of times). Specifically, I found a forum thread, linking the issue to Issue 558. Specifically, a change in the way that Selenium treats windows means that only ‘safe’ properties could be touched — things like .body, .title, etc. — which explains why I could test window.location, but not

It seems that there is a fix in their repository for this, but no further release has been made yet, nor do I see any immediate plans for one. Specifically, the change they made adds a getUserWindow() function, which must be used in order to get the window with the properties on it that were added in a ‘non-safe’ way — such as by Javascript.

In any case, while investigating this, I built a new version of Selenium IDE, which adds the getUserWindow function, and repackaged it. This is a change directly from the 1.0b2 XPI I installed, and implements the fix described in the forum thread linked above.

What this means is: if you are using Selenium IDE 1.0b2 and having problems with getCurrentWinow() not letting you access the properties of the window that are added by your Javascript, this XPI should help provide the getUserWindow() function you need: selenium-ide-1.02b2-mc.xpi.

This applies especially to functions like assertEval / verifyEval / getEval and its partners.

In order to take advantage of this, you must change any instances of ‘window’ or ‘this.browserbot.getCurrentWindow()’ to ‘this.browserbot.getUserWindow()’ where they need to access user-set properties. This simply acts as a transition tool for people needing 1.0b2 support and unable to wait for another release for this function to become available.

One Response to “Selenium IDE: getCurrentWindow() problems”

  1. Chase Seibert Says:

    Thanks! Worked for me. Here is a python snippet:

    def javascript(sel, script):
    return sel.get_eval(“””
    (function() {
    with(this) {
    “”” % locals())

    Example use, uncheck all checkboxes on a page:

    javascript(self.selenium, “$(‘input[type=checkbox]’).attr(‘checked’, false);”)