Boston OSM Mapping Party

Interested in OpenStreetMap? In the Boston area — or considering travelling here with your lucky companion for Valentine’s Day? Come to the OpenStreetMap mapping party, in Somerville, MA on Feb. 14th and 15th, and help put your house on the map… or anything else you might run across. I’m hoping to be there — in part to meet other OSM interested people in the area, in part to defend my actions in uploading all the houses in the metro-Boston area and making the map quite pretty to look at, but annoying slow to edit.

2 Responses to “Boston OSM Mapping Party”

  1. Stig Says:


    I found your blog looking for some info on python, gps etc, if I remember correct. Then I checked out this osm and signed up. I find it interesting, but also somewhat confusing, f.x. is the mapped streets done from users drawings or gps data?

    I dont like the image/tile usage, similar to google maps. I have worked some, a bit for fun, on a map of shanghai myself, by collecting gps data, and then rendered with flash, as vector graphics.

    I might consider adding my collected gps data to the osm, I pretty much have most of shanghai center now (a lot of bicycling!), but as said im confused of the value of the data…. If it will turn into streets on the map, etc. I checked out osm map for shanghai, and it seems most of what there is currently is “drawn”, probably from overlay of that yahoo map.

    Well anyway, im happy to meet someone who seems so interested in mapping as myself, haha.

    Your blog post gave me an impression there was some photos of houses on the map, though I couldnt see it.

  2. Amy Says:

    Hi Christopher — Is there anything going on around Cambridge/Somerville in regards to OSM? Maybe a 9th birthday celebration? I’d be interested to know. I live in Cambridge. Thanks.