Comments Emailed To You, Random

Sometimes, problems have easy solutions. The “Get your comments emailed to you” plugin was not enabled. I reenabled it in the admin interface, and all is well. So, you should be getting your comments emailed to you.

Turning on “Allow only commenters with previously approved comments” somehow let about a dozen spams get through: apparently this setting doesn’t apply to trackbacks, or something. So, for the time being, it’s going to continue being set so that I have to approve all comments.

Set up Subversion today at work: rambled about that, and how awesome it is, and how happy I am I did it, over on noets, specifically, the subversion post. Posting via IRC is easier than posting via WordPress when I’m distracted by taking care of the chillins.

Plans for this weekend: Get new furniture in the bedroom, finish flickr posting app (specifically, figure out how to set it up so people can upload multiple photos at once), then move back to working on traffic cam stuff. If they’re open on the weekend, grab a sagonet server. Solicit customers 😉

Again, if anyone wants webhosting, where I’ll install things for them, at $10/month on a Linux box (barring unreasonable use cases, like multi terabytes of traffic a month, or more than 10 gig or so of hard drive space), feel free to talk to me and we’ll see if I can work something out that would work well for you.

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