Learning things via technology is … weird

So, today I was just pondering the fact that I’ve been out of high school for almost 10 years now, and wondering if the school I went to does a 10-year reunion. From a brief search, I stumbled into the Wikipedia page about my high school.

A couple things came to my attention:
– At one point in the history of Wikipedia, I remember actively having a discussion about whether the school was notable enough for its own Wikipedia page. (Specifically, the fact that it was in a couple of non-local news articles for the mold outbreak in 2001 was brought up in discussion). I have no idea where those discussions went — they’re no longer on the talk page — but it’s interesting that the school now has a reasonably extensive Wikipedia page.
– In 2009, apparently “During the fall of 2009, many students came down with Swine Flu and other flus after attending the homecoming dance. The Monday after homecoming weekend, 611 students were sick. By Tuesday, 972 had called in sick.” This is a 2100 person school: that means that almost 1 out of every 2 students came down with a flu of some kind. I can’t really even imagine this. (Admittedly, as Jess points out, ‘Although I can’t imagine 1/2 of all the kids getting the flu, I can imagine half of them wanting to stay home, get high and play video games.’ Though in the town I grew up in, ‘drunk’ seems more likely.)

Nothing really special here, it’s just sort of … a weird feeling, to remember arguing that this school shouldn’t even have a Wikipedia page, and now to see that it has one that’s pretty long.

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