Mission AWS: Complete

Yesterday, I finished my first deployment of a real service into AWS.

Along the way, I learned some things:
– Overall, the growth of the Amazon service offering is rapid and huge. I’ve said for a long time that much of the net today runs on software that was pioneered within LiveJournal — I think that what LiveJournal did for the web at large, Amazon is really doing for people who are moving to the cloud. Having things like S3 and EC2 available really changes the entire game as far as these things go, and the rapid growth of their service offering is continuing to change the way a lot of key websites around the world do things.
– This makes it really hard to keep up with everything that Amazon is offering!
– There really isn’t a good ‘medium memory’ sized instance; your next jump after 1.7GB is 7.5GB (at 4x the price). For some people that probably doesn’t matter, but it felt a bit frustrating to me.

Overall, our transition has (so far) gone as well as I could possibly have hoped. Here’s hoping it stays that way. 🙂

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