Earlier, I posted about extracting SVG metadata with Redland. However, one of the problems with this is that there isn’t a whole lot of SVG out there, nor is there a whole lot of SVG with metadata out there.

One solution to this is the OpenClipArt Library – thousands of Public Domain SVG images with embedded metadata, totalling a heck of a lot of RDF information that could provide an interesting example of how RDF information can be used in real world scenarios.

However, the metadata provided by this library was, when I looked at it, broken RDF. I sent an email to the clipart list explaining the problems with their metadata, and received friendly and helpful replies letting me know that the data was generated with the SVG-Metadata perl library.

This weekend, I downloaded that code and began working on it, submitting a patch to the maintainer (who is also one of the founders of the Inkscape project, and works on OpenClipart), which was integrated today, improving their license support (now supporting all Creative Commons licenses) and their RDF output (such that it validates).

A new version has been released, uploaded to CPAN, and will soon be propogating its way to the CPAN archives. New SVGs uploaded to openclipart will contain metadata which is valid RDF, and Bryce is looking into regenerating the data on older SVGs as well.

More RDF. Better metadata. That’s something that I think I can live with.

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