User research talk at BarCampBoston

Notes from user research talk at BarCampBoston.

4 types of testing 
 - (Cheapest one first)
   Card sorting
   How do users like to categorize? Which terms do users understand, not
   understand, which terms they relate to other terms? -- 

 - Questionaires

 - Focus Groups 
   - Good for finding out what people like
   - Bad at what people don't like
   - nobody wants to be the bad guy
   - You need bad news! They weon't tell you that in a group setting 
     because it's 'rude'
   - One or two dominant speakers who talk over everyone else, everyone
     else is marginalized, narrow spectrum, wasting a lot of people's
 - one-on-one interviews 
   - what does the person know
   - what does the person do
     - narrow
     - get them to estimate how much of what they do takes what amount of
       time -- daily, weekly, monthly
     - Figure out the things people are spending the most time on, and 
       concentrate on *that*, not on the things that they spend less time
   - what is the user's feedback
     - What do you like?
     - What do you *not* like?
     - General feedback
     - People 

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