RDF and Images

Tony Lounging

I know that I’m far too lazy to actually describe my images. I never do it. I write tools to help me, and I still don’t. So, my goal is to use tools which do it for me. With Masahide’s EXIF tools, flickr, and flickr2rdf, I can do this, with a little fudging to get the output to flow together better.

I have a lot of photos to describe, and I was going to get to work on it, when I reached for my keyboard… and found the cat laying on it. So, I switched to the other computer (zeus, rather than hermes) and got to work, creating a SPARQL interface for my photos. Maybe if I can search them, I’ll actually describe them.

I haven’t done a whole lot yet, but the start of my work is in place, with a nice SPARQL query against it. Of course, so far there’s only one photo, but this example should get you started, and if you care, you can check out the data to get you started.

Search My Photos – the crschmidt.net album organization service.

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