XSLT + Image Regions + Sparql

Read Masahide’s notes on XSLT+Image Regions. Used some tools to convert my flickr photos to RDF.

Converted an XSLT Stylesheet to a different result format. Loaded ~400 RDF files into a Model, totalling 33,000 statements. Added an option to my Sparql Interface. Changed the default query. Made the extra option add the stylesheet.

Ran a query. Tweaked until it worked. Typed it all up here, to share with all of you.

Hooray for masahide, flickr, and all kinds of other wonderful things.

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  1. Richard Newman holygoat.co.uk blog Says:

    Image region search

    I’ve been chatting this afternoon with Christopher Schmidt about his photo annotation work, and I thought it was worth posting about.