Google Sitemap Format

Josh points out Google’s Sitemap Protocol, via the SWIG Chump. I pull out my XSLT-foo (what little of it there is). I hack a bit back and forth, run into a problem which uche helps me figure out: “XPath does *not* use the default prefix in the stylseheet for purposes of matching”, fix my XSLT up a bit, and create a new RDF source under my semweb section: Google Sitemap Tools, including an XSLT stylesheet, example output, and a conversion service which uses the XSLT: For example, Google’s Example File in RDF.

Now, to find some sitemaps in action in the real world, and add gzip decoding of gzipped sitemaps.

2 Responses to “Google Sitemap Format”

  1. Danny Ayers, Raw Blog Says:

    gle-sitemaps, siteData-36 , robots.txt, rss – should about cover it 😉 Waaah! crschmidt beat me to it! (Note to self: check Planet RDF more often…)


  2. Thomas Korte Says:

    Google Sitemap Code for Movable Type

    Add this to “Manage” >> “Templates” >> “New Template”: name the file sitemap.xml and have it rebuild on every posting, then submit to <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?&…