WebKit Source

An announcement on the release of Webkit, the source of the rendering engine for the popular OS X browser, Safari. Includes mention of #webkit on irc.freenode.net, for discussion of webkit, and information on how to get anon CVS access.

Currently requires XCode to build, but I’m sure that someone out there will cook up some autotools goodness for it sometime soon.

Keep in mind that (as far as I know) this isn’t the actual shell that makes up Safari. It’s the source of the rendering engine inside it – basically, the bits that were taken from KHTML. I’m not sure though, and I can’t read the code well enough to confirm that I think that. However, one of the parts that is being released is WebKit: the interface that people have used in the past to make 10 line browsers in Xcode projects. This could mean we’ll see a lot more similar projects for other UNIXes – with the rendering taken care of and a simple binding, it becomes much simpler to write applications which display HTML.

Certainly an interesting development. Could this mean we’ll see a Safari-like browser base on other platforms in the near future? My bet is yes.

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  1. webtech Says:

    Good call crschmidt! You’re more right than you may already know. =)
    Hint- see http://forum.nokia.com/series60browser/