Julie: SPARQL CONSTRUCT as rules

As discussed in SPARQL CONSTRUCT as Rules, julie now has a way to persist the output from SPARQL CONSTRUCT queries, as well as an improvement to the CONSTRUCT query output.

When passing a CONSTRUCT query to julie, she will now tell you the number of triples returned, and the first three triples in the standard Redland representation. If you wish to persist these triples, you can use the ^construct shortcut: ^construct { ?a ?b ?c. } WHERE { ?a ?b ?c. } As always, namespaces are prefixed automatically.

If you have feedback on this implementation, or thoughts on it, feel free to contact me, or stop by #julie on irc.freenode.net to pass on criticisms or comments.

* Posted by crschmidt on #julie at 2005-08-22 00:14:23 UTC.
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