My First API

Earlier tonight, when working on Ning, I decided to write one of the things that have been rolling around in my head for a while. One of the cool things about Ning is that it's basically got one gigantic object persistance model behind it -- that is accessible across all apps. Within-Ning, this is great, cause you can build lots of cool apps sharing data. But outside of Ning, you were kind of stuck.

Until Now.

In the same way that anyone else could have done, tonight I hacked up X_Query, a remote XN_Query interface. No longer is the data in Ning tied up for use in only those apps. Now you can access that data anywhere, anytime, via a simple interface.

First proof of concept use of this is Roshambo Results, showing results from the 'fifteen' and 'roshambo', but more are definitely to come. Note that there is also the source behind the majority of the roshambo results page in the script.

* Posted by crschmidt on #swhack at 2006-02-03 05:09:02 UTC.
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