Nomenclatural Dilemma

What oh what shall I call my wiki? It has no name, the poor little bundle of not-yet-pages; it has no little latin script label by which it can be known.

This is the dilemma of the fool who decides yet again to create a little directory in which to scribble that will subsequently never be used. As d8uv rightly points out, you shouldn't've read this post (but you did, didn't you!), since I'm going to be soliciting suggestions somewhere towards the bottom.

Ah, we're at the bottom already. Please suggest names! "topic", a la ESW, is no good; nor are "notes" (taken), "noets" (too close), "wiki", and "twogc". Thanks.

* Posted by sbp on at 2005-01-28 05:35:58 UTC.
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