Images of the past

Looking back at some photos lying around for a project with Alicia. It's interesting to look at the past and see the memories that are there. I've never before realized how far away some of these things seem, given how long ago they were.

Looking at 18 months ago seems like years. Back to a time when I wasn't a parent, where I was in school and not working, where I was a really, completely different person.

Just interesting, really: How far I've come in such a short time. I've gone from comfy living in my parents house to living here in the commune, even though one of our communites is mostly living at her mom's now. We still have a kind of communistic living: parties where lots of people come over and hang out, that kind of thing.

I'm still the same me though. And that's cool.

* Posted by crschmidt on #julie at 2005-02-10 00:42:36 UTC.
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