International Shipping

UPS makes things entirely too complex. There are way too many variables that you need to have included in a web request for shipping.

I just want to ship a package from a specific post code to Hong Kong. Now, you would think that would be simple, but you need to have information on everything from cities (on both sides) to the size of the package, to the customs value.

While I understand that each of these is important, I really wish there was a "Simple" form which would allow you to just get "rough" data on how much it was going to cost. A client of ours wants to do international shipping, and they want accurate charges, of course, but they'd be pefectly willing to pay an extra $5 out of pocket, rather than make their customers deal with a second charge for shipping. But, so far as I can tell, there's no way to get this information. Not that this is a shock: the entire process is really quite confusing, and the documentation doesn't help. The PDF Manual to the UPS shipping webapp is 114 pages.

I just want things to be simple!

* Posted by crschmidt on at 2005-02-14 21:19:42 UTC.
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