New Phone

I'm getting a new phone. Specifically, a Nokia 6600. Nokia uses really crappy URIs for their phone homepages. Seems silly, given their semweb efforts, and the fact that clean URIs (like /phones/6600) work for most devices.

My new phone cost me quite a bit, but I ended up talking myself into the bottom of the range that could be expected, I think: I threatened to move my account to another provider a couple times, and ended up getting the typical new contract price, minus a rebate's worth (down to $200), minus an extra bonus ($30), minus a month of service. This is all tied to a new year long contract, but for this phone, it's worth it.

Considerations: I was going to buy a new Memory Card for the 3650. Cost, probably $30-$40. I would have to have a month long waitbased on past experience, for my 3650 to come back. I wanted the 6600 anyway. The only way I could get it for the price I really wanted (free) was through $250 in Amazon+T-mobile rebates (6-8 weeks from now), as well as having Jess fill out the contract, because my name already has an account.

Nifty things now that I'm going to have a "modern" phone: Internal Memory! twice as much. External memory! It comes with a 32 MB MMC, I'm pretty sure. Less Crashing! The firmware on this thing is suppposed to be way more stable than the one on the 3650, which despite all its fanciness, is still very much a first generation machine. Java MIDP 2.0, which opens up a new set of Java API functionality. SDK 2.0! good for development: this means I'm dealing with something much closer to the latest in the Symbian/Nokia development toolchain, so I can install more toys. More Python! This is the platform that Python was really designed to work on, and the combination of the more memory (internal and external) will allow me to install the Python libs that I couldn't before: basically, anything that is pure python can now be installed and run on my phone, which means that I will be able to port some XML stuff.

All in all, I get a bunch of things I've really wanted for a while. I've wanted the phone for a while. Well, honestly, I've wanted a *better* phone, but this is the US, where we live in the stone age, and doubly so when I'm in the Northeast, where "Phone with Camera" is still considered the newest feature. I get bluetooth, I get the latest firmware type things, and all in all, I get a phone that's probably going to crash less, and that's a pretty significant concern. Not to mention that the processor on this thing is supposed to make it feel significantly snappy-er, so we'll see.

All in all, I'm looking forward to the phone: It gets here on Friday or Saturday, hopefully, so less than a week without it, rather than the month I had to endure last time.

* Posted by crschmidt on at 2005-02-15 04:09:48 UTC.
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