Lorebot sits in IRC channels and checks for logged in and identified users, then displays this information on a webpage, along with creating a human readable form of the data stored in their FOAF.

Currently, this bot is in several semantic web and related channels. A full channel listing is available by visiting the online users page. From there, you can click to either a normal version or a version with images displayed for users who make them available.

To set yourself up with the bot:

/msg nickserv register <password>
/msg nickserv set url http://example.org/homepage/

For more information on how and why to register your nickname on the freenode IRC network, please see freenode's FAQ on the topic.

Once you've done this, simply talk in channel: the bot will see that you are identified, fetch your information, and use it on the display page If you were previously identified, once you update your information, you will need to type:

"force <nickname>"

Your information will then be refreshed in the nickserv_data cache. Please note that this is a silent command: it does not return any data. However, it will only work if you are identified with nickserv. Users who are not authenticated with nickserv can not communicate with lorebot.

All contact and other data is served from julie. To add your data to julie, you should type ^add http://example.org/foaf.rdf. julie will respond to your request. Once she has parsed your file, your data should be immediately available.

Note: Your nickserv URL must match your foaf:homepage, or you must set an email which is in your FOAF file instead.

Copyright 2003-2014, Christopher Schmidt