GPSDisplay In Action

There are a number of Bluetooth GPS devices you can purchase, but most of them do not offer a display for the unit, meaning you have to use bulky laptop computers or other devices to connect to them, or use them for logging only.

Until now. Now, if you have an NMEA-compatible Bluetooth GPS, you can use this handy GPS information display tool to connect to your device, and display a latitude, longitude, satellite count, and time.

Does this program do exactly what you need? If so, please drop me a few bucks via paypal - you can use the link below, or send money via paypal to


Notes: Opening the file will prompt you to install it. It will warn you that the application is not signed. Signing is an expensive process, which I simply don't have the money for. (See PayPal donation button. ;)) If you wish to check that you have downloaded the proper package, you can check that the md5sum of the version 0.80 file is: 664eb99b94b4018ef0b82492885da599.

Additionally, due to a bug in the Symbian installer, you should *remove* the .sis file from your inbox before installing a newer version. I don't know why, but if you try and install the same app twice from two different messages, the installer crashes in a bad way.

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