Writing Code…

I think I wrote my first open source C code last night, in a fit of frustration over lack of error feedback in the Mapserver in-image error exception handling. Turns out that the in-image handling only displays the first error: XML service exceptions everything in the list by comparison. I opened a bug for better error reporting via inimage exception handling, and added a patch and example output that the patch results in.

I’m typically a Python/Javascript hacker at this point: TileCache is Python, OpenLayers is Javascript. I did write some Perl code at some point in the last year, for the Open Guide to Boston.

I don’t even write PHP much anymore, though I did write some S2 earlier today to redo the look of my LiveJournal.

So, Open Source code I’ve written… patch for Mapserver: C. Patches for OpenGuides: Perl. Patches for LiveJournal: Perl. Random Semweb utilities: Python. Random web utilities: PHP? I’m pretty sure I’ve released some of that stuff anyway. OpenLayers: Javascript. MetaCarta open source stuff: Python. I can’t think of anything else I’ve done that’s open source… I wonder what I might be forgetting.

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