OpenStreetMap in TileCache via mapnik

Last night: fought with mapnik until I got it built.
This morning: Added a mapnik layer to TileCache (14 lines of code.)

Result: OpenStreetMap in TileCache

Mapnik renders things really pretty. If you just want to draw maps, I’d say that mapnik might be the way forward, once it grows up a bit more. Geographically deterministic labels means that ka-map like hacks are unnecessary. agg-based rendering means that it’s really frickin’ pretty. I think I’m falling in love.

4 Responses to “OpenStreetMap in TileCache via mapnik”

  1. david Says:


    I’m extremely impressed with your wms-c demo; any chance you can supply
    me with a copy of its implementation? I have managed to install the latest
    mapnik from svn, and tilecache. I’m still learning how to use mapnik to
    access the vmap0 dataset(s). I sure could use your demo as an ideal starting
    point/example for my activities.

    Thanks much in advance.



  2. lionyue Says:

    hi,thanks for your help,i am in searching the similar titles for a long a time.
    could you tell me how to use mapnik and tilecache to put up a webgis plat?
    thanks a lot.

    my email is
    and my MSN is

  3. Nieesh Pasalkar Says:

    I want to know the basic requirements that how shall I use the mapnik to get the map rendered image what are steps for it. So if any body can help me please tell me what should I do for it, steps if possible

  4. Fabio Says:

    how did you added mapnik to tilecache? I’d love to do so, too. Would you like to share your configuration?
    Thanks so much!