Image Storage

Earlier, I mentioned how I was going to be switching to Flickr for Image storing. Although this is still the case, I’m waiting a bit until I do: I want to write some tools for generating RDF for me personally before I spend the money on it, I think. There’s already some work being done: Masahide announced a flickr2rdf service of his own, but it’s generalized, and I want to do something a bit more specific. I want to be able to describe people in the description, and have a tool which automatically extracts it. Not quite “Natural Language Processing”, something I’m sure that Arnia will chide me for, but something along those lines. Maybe even just using n3 in HTML Comments? Wonder how the API deals with that…

However, in the meantime, I’ve installed Gallery2, and I must admit, it’s very nice. I’ve been working in the module framework, and I’ve been able to extract exif information and include it in an RDF RSS Feed. Next step is to go back through my steps and look at all the changes I’ve done, then export it so it’s a usable format for the developers, and integrate it into their RSS 2.0 development. Triples, triples everywhere!

Once I’m sure my Gallery is in a usable state, I’ll release the work I’ve done on it. For the time being, I’m making sure that I have something I’m willing to switch to before I publicize it.

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

2 Responses to “Image Storage”

  1. George Hotelling Says:

    Seems like you could use consistant tagging of who’s in the picture and then let your RDF generator map a tag to foaf:Person.

  2. George Hotelling Says:

    Or duh, use the foaf:nick from your FOAF file to tag who’s in the picture. No manual configuration outside of your FOAF file.