Sweet RDF Nothings…

Many of you who know me on IRC and other similar places will know that I have a wonderful partner-in-crime, Jessica. Together, we are rel:parentOf to Alicia and Julie. Julie, unfortunately, has a bad ear infection today, and is therefore getting ice cream for dinner, per doctor’s orders.

Julie decided that she wanted to come with on this trip, despite having a fever of 103. She said “I’m four, I can come!” Of course, this request was denied, at which point she repeated her assertion.

Repeated assertions reminded me, naturally, of RDF, so I expressed her statement in RDF: :Julie foaf:age “4”. (Which, verbally, is “Julie foaf:age 4”.) Our roomate looked askance at Jess and said “Ya know, he’s going to express your wedding anniversary in FOAF so he can’t forget.” Jess’s joking reply was “One of these days, I’m going to break up with him because he can’t stop whispering sweet RDF nothings into my ear.”

My response, naturally, was :ChrisAndJessBreakup log:implies “sad”.

(All terms, RDF and otherwise, in this entry are considered non-normative and non-validating. Do not use data from this entry for the basis of forming real RDF documents. I don’t understand rules, and I have no idea what log:implies does, so I probably used it wrong. But it was funny.)

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