OpenLayers: One Laptop Per Child Project

At BarCampBoston today, I got to talking to the OLPC folks. I was demoing our new vector editing support in OpenLayers, and talking to them about it. They wanted to see if it would run on their laptop, and we got an error that SVG wasn’t supported in their browser. After a bit of effort after getting home tonight, I was able to find out how to check for SVG 1.0 instead of 1.1 — after modifying the OpenLayers code to do a 1.0 check instead of a 1.1 check, I got a confirmation that vector display works on the One Laptop Per Child laptop! Woot. Filed a ticket with a patch for OpenLayers: 540, just need to get someone to review it and check it in.
So, the next step is to help the OLPC folks get up and running with OpenLayers. 🙂

2 Responses to “OpenLayers: One Laptop Per Child Project”

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  2. Dave Schmetterer Says:

    I’m thrilled to hear that it GIS operations haven’t been lost in the quest for the olpc.

    I know it is intended for children, but delivering gis data to people in the developing world – who may have trouble finding fresh water, with pest management, etc… will help them grow food and live better lives.

    These computers are going to challenging places, I hope they can do a lot of help people overcome those challenges.

    I’ve also just finished a paper for one of my grad classes in urban planning on the democratization of technology – focusing on the planner and Citizen\Planner, but I somehow left out the olpc project. I will rectify that before it ever publishes.

    If you have any good info on open source GIS or GIS on the XO (olpc) please let me know. DSchmettererer at absolutely positively no more spam yahoo dot com.

    All the best,