OpenLayers Screencast

Made a ‘screencast’ (at least, I think that’s the right buzzword) of OpenLayers + QGIS today:

Mapping Your Data: Using QGIS, OpenLayers, and MapServer to serve open data

Tried uploading it to YouTube: the resolution was shrunk to the point of being unsable. Tried uploading to Google Video: despite the upload completing 11 hours ago, the upload is still ‘processing’. So I went through with ffmpeg and converted it to Flash myself, and set up the environment for playing it on

To create the video itself, I used:

In the video, I used TextMate (Shareware), QGIS (Open Source + Free), Firefox, and OpenLayers.

(There is no audio in the presentation, because I felt like my voice would be a distraction. I suppose next time I should put some fancy soundtrack in place.)

One Response to “OpenLayers Screencast”

  1. Leszek Pawlowicz Says:

    I tried YouTube, Google and Yahoo for screencast videos, and found the resolution unusable for all of them. Revver was the only one where you can actually make out most of what was on screen, and that’s the one I’m sticking with for now. And the approval process is reasonably fast, usually less than an hour or so.